This is a material catalog for various ferrite cores mass-produced by DTT Ferrite Group.

CatalogMaterial nameSeries
Low loss Material for power supplyDTT-P4,DTT-P4A,DTT-P47Low loss material for power supply
High-Bs Low loss materialDTT-D90,DTT-D9BLow loss high Bs for power supply
Wide temperature range Low loss-materialDTT-P95,DTT-P4D,DTT-P4TLow loss wide temperature range for power supply
Mn-Zn Material Characteristics for High Frequency Power Supplies.pdfDTT-F1 DTT-F2 DTT-F3 DTT-F4for High Frequency
Mn-Zn Material Characteristics for EMI EMC noise prevention.pdfDTT-H5 DTT-H7 DTT-H10for EMC (Mn-Zn)
Ni-Zn Material Characteristics.pdfDTT-N10 DTT-N30 DTT-N50 DTT-N80 DTT-N120 DTT-N160for High Frequency EMC (Ni-Zn)
Please note that the contents of this manual are subject to change without notice due to improvements or other reasons.