Expansion of the Solid smart transformer market

source:TOWARDS A SMART DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER FOR SMART GRID 1 /Fig. 3: Basic Solid State Transformer Structure.

The Solid smart transformer market centered on North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific will grow at a CAGR of 10.54% during the period from 2017: US$ 1.47 billion to 2022 (*2015, 2017/GII market research)





Switching frequency is 10 to 45 (kHz)


UU-Core Series

[Main uses]

  • Power grid (distribution grid)
  • Electric vehicle charging station (EV charging station)
  • Alternative energy power generation
  • Wind power generation
  • Solar power generation
  • Tidal power generation


Recommended material

DTT soft magnetic material

Advances in power semiconductors have made it possible to increase the frequency of the market for high-power reactors, and the market is changing from metal powder cores centered on dust cores to ferrite cores.

Through joint development with CERTH, an internationally prestigious research institute, DTT Ferrite Group succeeded in mass production of DTT-D9B by promoting the development of optimal manufacturing methods and mass production of cutting-edge materials.



CatalogMaterial nameFeatures
DTT-D90 Material Characteristics.pdfDTT-D90High magnetic flux density material with excellent DC-Bias characteristics.
DTT-D9B Material Characteristics.pdfDTT-D9BExcellent material with magnetic flux density of 500mT or more at 100℃