Noise countermeasure market

Aiming at miniaturization and high functionality of various power supply technologies, new technologies are being developed for higher frequencies, diversification, and higher speeds. On the other hand, the importance of noise countermeasures in the renewable energy field such as solar power, and the automobile-related field such as EV and HEV is increasing, and sophistication of noise countermeasure technology is required.

The performance of noise countermeasures against electromagnetic waves generated by power converters is affected by the magnetic permeability and impedance of soft magnetic materials.

Recommended material

CatalogMaterial nameMain use
Mn-Zn Material Characteristics for EMI EMC noise prevention.pdfDTT-H5 DTT-H7 DTT-H10Mn-Zn Ferrite.Used in the low frequency band.
Ni-Zn for EMI EMC noise prevention.pdfDTT-N10 DTT-N50 DTT-N80Ni-Zn Ferrite.Used in the high frequency band.